Would my child benefit from Therapy?

Has your child’s doctor or school recommended an evaluation for services? Do you have concerns or suspect your child may be struggling with speech/language, fine/gross motor skills, feeding, self care, or achieving developmental milestones?  These are just a few examples of our areas of specialty, and we are happy to help.
We also welcome you to visit OT Connection.  Give us a call and schedule a time for a guided tour of the clinic, and more information regarding the services we offer.

Should my child receive therapy at school and in an outpatient setting?

Therapy in a school setting focuses on a child’s needs in a school setting.  Outpatient therapy focuses on a child’s needs in all environments. (home, school, community etc.)  Receiving therapy at school and outpatient are complementary to one another, and are definitely more beneficial when combined.

What do I need to bring with us when my child comes for the initial evaluation?

Please come about 15 minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork. If your child has had any previous tests, please bring the results and reports with you, if possible. For insurance purposes, bring your insurance card and any prescriptions, referral forms,, or co-payments that your individual policy requires.

How should my child dress for an evaluation?

Your child should dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Can I bring my other children to the first visit or evaluation?

We would prefer that your child attends their first appointment/evaluation at the clinic without their siblings present. We will need your undivided attention as we gather developmental history and try to get a clear picture of your child and your concerns for therapy.

My child is school-aged — is it possible for me to get an after school appointment?

Absolutely! Keep in mind though that many of our children are school-aged, and their parents frequently request an appointment after school hours. We will always do our best to accommodate your scheduling requests.

What happens after the evaluation?

Initial results of the evaluation and recommendations are reviewed with you (and your child if age appropriate). A written report detailing evaluation results will be emailed to you and faxed to your referring physician for their signature. If your insurance requires authorization for therapy we will submit the signed copy of your child’s evaluation report to them with a request to have visits authorized.

What is a Treatment Plan?

A treatment plan is an individualized plan created by the therapist to address your child’s needs.

The plan may include:

  • Recommendations for therapy or re-screening/re-evaluation at a later time
  • Initial goals to address during therapy
  • Suggestions for parents/caregivers and educators
Do you involve the parents in the treatment process?

Yes.  The parents are a very important part of therapy here at OT Connection.  Parents are often invited back into the treatment rooms to observe therapy as long as the situation is appropriate.   Every session is designed to allow time for the parent and therapist to discuss progress and what was done during the therapy session.  Parents are also given activities to work on at home to increase carryover in all settings and help the child be more successful in reaching their goals.

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